The Largest Independent Multi-Line Supplier of Lift Truck Parts
FLP provides over 500,000 quality parts and supplies for gasoline, diesel, LP Gas and electric industrial lift trucks, as well as parts for towing tractors.
FLP parts and supplies are manufactured by well-
recognized, qualified manufacturers and built
to exacting quality standards that meet or
exceed OEM  specifications.
Expert Service and Competitive Prices Since 1983
All FLP products carry  a 90-day warranty calling for replacement of parts.
FLP's broad parts coverage of all leading OEM lift trucks makes it easier, faster and more economical for customers to get the parts they need from a single source.
Florida Lift Parts, Inc.
Mailing Address 
PMB #236
5944 Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Spring, Florida 33076
Shipping Address
13703 SW 281 street
Homestead Fl
Tel: (305) 827-1500   Fax: (305) 400-0124
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